There are times when we do a backup as a DBA, we come across problems when we restore the backup we made.

We may get error like this

Msg 3242,Level 16,State 2, Line 1

The fileon device C:\DBBackupCorrupted.BAK isnot a valid Format. The backup file made is not properly formed. 

Msg 3013,Level 16,State 1, Line 1

VERIFY DATABASEis terminating abnormally.

If we do not want this to get error when we restore. Always good to verify our backup file immediately after the backup is made and checkwhether it is corrupted or not.

In order  to verify run this command on a backup file

RESTORE VERIFYONLY FROM DISK = '<<location of database backup>>'

The above query results in vaid or not valid backup we have. We can sleep happily with the backup we have.





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